National Award-Wining Presenter and Author

Kim is a dynamic, sought-after, inspirational, and faith-based public speaker who brings fresh wind into your event and organziation as she encourages your audience to lift their gaze. 


"Kim soars when she speaks!" as one audience member joyfully remarked.


Multi-faceted Presenter

Inspirational Speaker

Kim enjoys helping pointing others to the Author and Perfector of her faith as she helps others become more joyful, efficient, and better business owners. She is a sought-after national motivation speaker.

Conferences, Webinars, & Corporate Trainings

Kim is a gifted business and faith-based trainer and organizer of transformational conferences, webinars, and trainings across the U.S.

Media Broadcasts

Kim's teachings has reached a wide audience as a featured guest speaker on many faith based international radio broadcasts and talk shows. She also has a very successful inspirational vlog and blog

Biblical Teaching

Kim is an energetic and dynamic bible study teacher. As a former college adjunct marketing instructor and a teacher of faith-based classes and seminars, she enjoys transfering her enegy to her audience. Click here to read a sample chapter from her award-wining book. 

Speaking Topics

Below is a sampling of a few of topics Kim's has trained and presented on over the years to large secular and faith-based organizations, businesses, and events:

  • "Transformation Your Life"
  • "Servant Leadership"
  • "Lift Your Gaze: Seeking God in Deep Waters"
  • "Get Dressed Right: Put on the Full Armor of God"
  • "Know Who Fights for You"
  • "Trusting God through a Loss"
  • "Betrayal:  I Know Your Pain"
  • "I AM in The Fire"
  • "Eyes on God"
  • "Amazing Grace"
  • "How To Respond During Trials"
  • "The Throne Room"

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  • "Transforming Setbacks to Stepping Stones"
  • "It's Time to Overcome"
  • "The Whole Armor of God"
  • "The Power and Hope from The Cross"
  • "Why Jesus?" 
  • "Consistency is the Key"
  • "Do What Scares You"
  • "Environments Mold People"
  • "5 Disciplines to Create a Habit"
  • "Moving from Faith to Belief to Conviction"
  • "Helping Your Prospect Make a Decision"
  • "Professional Leadership Development"
  • "Self-Discipline: Get it DONE!"

Sampling of Kim M. Clark's Presentations:

Click on the MP3 icon to listen to Kim M. Clark's Servant Leadership Training
Kim Clark Leadership Training_1.mp3
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Kim was the guest speakers on Marnie's Friends Talk Radio Show. Click here to listen to the recording. You'll discover: 

  • The top 3 biblical examples of how God views set-backs
  • 5 pitfalls we need to avoid when reeling from a set-back
  • 4 productive ways to discern the will of God in the midst of confusion
  • 3 ways God challenges our faith while we are facing set-backs
  • How to transform our set backs into stepping stones
  • 3 bondage-breaking strategies to help us to experience peace when facing obstacles and trials
  • How to overcome obstacles and use them for good
  • The #1 most effective way to triumph over set-backs and experience joy!

Kim M. Clark was the guest speaker on Brenda Divers international internet radio show, “Interesting People in Your Neighborhood” on  


Click below to listen to the audio file of the inspirational radio recording!

Kim M. Clark was the guest speaker on JOY for Angela Jo Manieri's radio talk show: "Your I AM Wake Up Call" on!  


The topic was Revelation of JOY!  Click below to listen to the audio file of the inspirational recording!

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